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Health Q & A with Jeannie Marr

Q: Why didn’t my doctor prescribe antibiotics for my cold? A: Antibiotics only treat bacterial infections, and colds are infections caused by viruses. Thus an antibiotic would not be helpful in treating your cold. Sometimes, however, when your...


Health Q & A with Jeannie Marr - Should I get a flu shot?

Q: Why should I get a flu shot? A: An annual flu vaccine is the best way to reduce the chances that you will get the flu, and decreases the chance that you will spread it to others. When more people...


Health Q&A with Jeannie Marr

Q: What are the benefits of probiotics and should I be taking them? A: Probiotics are “good” bacteria that naturally live in the digestive tract. At Creswell Health Mart Pharmacy, we carry a pharm...

 By Jeannie Marr    Health    August 30, 2018

How do I get mom's medication to her retirement home?

Q: My mom just moved into a retirement facility. How can I help her continue to get her medications now that she is living in a home? A: At Creswell Health Mart Pharmacy we deliver medications to the...

 By Jeannie Marr    Health    June 28, 2018

Health Q&A: Compounded Medications for your Pets; What Pet Owners Need to Know

Q: What is compounding? A: Simply put, compounding is any manipulation of a drug beyond that is described on the drug label. Manipulation might include mixing, diluting, concentrating, flavoring or...

 By Jeannie Marr    Health    May 31, 2018

Medication synchronization, delivery and therapy management

Q: I am helping take care of my aging parents and managing all their medications. It can be quite confusing and tedious at times keeping them all straight, requesting refills and knowing what they...

 By Jeannie Marr    Health    April 26, 2018

Health Q & A with Jeannie Marr

Q: What can I use to treat my seasonal allergies? A: There are lots of over-the-counter options available to treat allergies. The trick is to find the right product for your allergy symptoms and begin...


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