Sixth Street neighbood wants dead end back

By Erin Tierney

The Creswell Chronicle

Two residents of the N. 6th Street neighborhood visited city council last week, requesting that the city close the area to motor vehicles where Leah Street and N. 6th Street meet and allow through access only to pedestrians and bicycles.

A petition that garnered 25 signatures from the residents in the neighborhood demonstrates their intent. If successful, this will restore N. 6th Street to a dead end, reduce traffic flow and speeding vehicles, enhance property values, preserve residential charm, and increase safety for area children close to schools on a street without sidewalks, the petition states.

Resident Pete Apo spoke to council said the issues lie mostly with high school kids trying to avoid N. 5th Street traffic and the 20 mph school zone.

He said visibility is low on the street and it is “a tragedy waiting to happen.”

This item was placed on the upcoming work session agenda.

Also at last week’s meeting, council decided to postpone the vote on whether or not council should receive monthly stipends in hopes of receiving more public input.

The discussion was brought up at the last city council meeting, where councilors considered the idea of giving the mayor $300 per month, the council president $225 per month and the rest of the councilors $175 per month. Each amount includes a $75 technology stipend to offset the costs of maintaining home internet access via computer, phone or tablet, the policy draft outlines. The proposed stipend, dispersed among Mayor Stram and the six council members, would total $16,800 for a year.

“It is our due diligence to receive more comments from our citizens,” Council President Richard Zettervall said.

If you would like to provide input regarding council stipends, please contact Mayor Stram at or call City Hall at 541-895-2531.

The next city council work session is set for July 24 at 6 p.m. at City Hall.