Providing a new look, new outlook on your community newspaper

By Scott Olson – Publisher
As noted in my column last week, several changes have taken place at The Chronicle in the past few weeks.
One of these changes has been the promotion of Erin Tierney as Editor of The Chronicle.
Erin, a graduate of Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania, began working at The Chronicle about five months ago. During this time she’s shown the ability to take on new challenges with social media, electronic media and the print edition of The Chronicle. She has learned to work effectively with the community and wants to implement changes both to the content and layout offered in The Chronicle.
A few weeks ago, Erin sent me a couple newspaper pages that she had redesigned, and I liked what I saw.
I learned a long time ago, when you are fortunate to hire a person with an array of skills and fresh ideas, you need to get out of their way! I know one of the biggest mistakes newspapers have made is developing an attitude of, “we’ve always done it this way, and we don’t plan to change a thing.” To me, that is the reason some newspapers are dying. The refusal to look at themselves in the mirror and realize that they better start listening to their readers and staff, or doomsday will be near.
The changes taking place will not affect our current philosophy of being a hyper-local news source. I feel there are lots of things that happen in our community that often go unreported. It’s our goal to try to have an ear to the pavement, so to speak, so that we can get more news, good or bad, in the newspaper.
Nothing bothers me more than when a person says, “I don’t subscribe or read The Chronicle because there’s nothing in it.” I do take this as a slam against everyone that works and contributes to the paper every week. But I also realize that there must be something missing, which makes people feel the way they do. It’s my job as the owner and publisher of The Chronicle to find out what people want to read in the paper. This is another reason why I’ve decided to promote Erin as editor of the newspaper.