Listen, grab gifts Saturday at KNND Alligator Auction

By Erin Tierney

The Creswell Chronicle

With the holidays quickly approaching, your gift-giving senses are beginning to tingle. Suddenly, a long list of gift ideas unravels in your head and pre-holiday shopping dread begins to set in.

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to mean crowded lines in corporate stores. In fact, with the KNND Fall Alligator Auction this weekend, you’ll be able to support local and score big deals without leaving the comfort of your living room.

The KNND Fall Alligator Auction will be held this Saturday, Oct. 7, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on air at 1400AM. It’s a biannual tradition, said station owner Cameron Reiton. Auction items are wide-ranging: from gift certificates to local restaurants, to tickets to the Sea Lion Caves on the Oregon Coast, the team at KNND has been busy collecting items to interest everyone.

“KNND goes around to local merchants in South Lane County and beyond and collects items for the radio auction,” Reiton said. “In exchange, merchants receive the full market value of radio advertising. This can be a wonderful opportunity to get a great deal on local merchandise.”

The auction items are a grab bag of stuff, Reiton said. “We try to get a predetermined list a couple days before the auction for listeners once everything is in,” he said. “We will have the list up Wednesday or Thursday on our website at, and will have copies printed out at the radio station.”

Some proceeds from the auction will benefit the South Lane County Children’s Dental Clinic, where local dentists volunteer their time to tend to the oral health needs of children, Reiton said. “There’s still cost for dental supplies and administration and we want to help with those costs,” he said.

This is the fourth year KNND will be donating some of their auction proceeds to the clinic, Reiton said. In the past, they’ve donated $500 from the auction; last year, they donated $750.

To participate, all you have to do is call KNND prior to the auction and request a bidder number at 541-942-2468. When the auction goes live, all you have to do is listen. When you hear an item you want, call KNDD with your bidder number for your chance to win the item.

“It’s four hours of fun, if for no other reason than to listen to the back-and-forth with the hosts between the bidding,” Reiton said.