Frank E. Sly is Creswell’s blacksmith

Jim Sly of Creswell wrote into The Chronicle, recognizing one of the blacksmiths in last week’s old photo as his great-grandfather, Frank E. Sly, as seen at right wearing a tie. Jim said his great-grandfather had a blacksmith shop about where My Boys’ Pizza is located, just north of the Union 76 on Oregon Avenue. Frank E. was about 50 years old when he came from South Dakota in 1902. He was killed in a car-train accident in 1915, which Jim said had big coverage in The Creswell Chronicle at the time. Frank E. Sly had two wives and son by each, Frank J. Sly and Verne E. Sly. He had two farms in the Creswell area on Dale Kuni and Davisson roads. The younger son, Verne E. Sly, was Jim’s grandfather and was willed the Dale Kuni Road farm. Frank J. Sly was the older son and was known as a major junk dealer. He was willed the Davisson Road farm. When Frank J. died in the 1960s, he willed Jim the anvil used by his great-grandfather —  probably the exact anvil on the left side of the picture.

The Creswell Historical Museum has this photo, and many like it, for sale in books at the museum. Check it out at 55 N. 5th St. or call the museum at 541-895-5464.