Creswell Tire Factory changes name, brand to Point S

Rory Tyler, part owner of Creswell Tire Factory, has announced that all Tire Factory stores are changing their name to Point S. The tire stores will continue to under the same ownership and be locally owned, and will offer the same products and services as they have in the past.

Story and photo by Scott Olson
Times are changing for many businesses, as they look to stay competitive in their market. This is happening right here in Creswell, as Creswell Tire Factory, a locally owned independent cooperative business, joins over 200 stores in 15 western states in changing their name to Point S.
Point S, located at 25 S. Mill St. in Creswell, will still be under the same local ownership of Bill Spencer, Rory Tyler and Mike Newman. They will continue to offer the same services and products that they’ve been providing their customers for over 15 years.
According to Tyler, Tire Factory began looking at the tire industry and felt that they needed to stay competitive in the market. As they looked down the road into the future of the industry, they realized it would be in their best interest to join Point S, which is made up of over 3,000 independent tire stores worldwide, to help maintain their margins and take care of their customers.
According to Spencer, there is a trend in the tire industry of companies merging and consolidating. So Tire Factory, as a group of independent tire stores, decided to change its brand and buying power by joining Point S.
“We are still the same company,” Spencer said. “There is almost zero change (from Tire Factory to Point S). We are just changing our name and brand.”
In a press release Eric Gill, Chairman of the Tire Factory Board, said, “The customer will really only notice three changes. The name on the stores will change. Second, they will find a great line, Point S branded products, in our stores. And third, customers will appreciate remodeled stores with an updated and fresh Point S brand.”
Gill added, “Tire Factory was founded by five independent tire store owners in 1983, who decided they could save their customers some money by combining their purchases. Today, 157 owners are doing the same thing on a bigger scale, getting better prices for their customers, by joining hands with Point S.”
“The community has given us great support for the past 15 to 16 years,” Tyler said. “We recently added on the new bays to position ourselves to take care of the public and stay ahead of the game.”
Spencer said Point S stands for Point of Service, which allows them to have a broader image to their customers than just selling tires. He noted that by adding three new bays, they have an additional six stalls for mechanics to do their work. They also employ four mechanics, including a ASE Master Technician and a brake alignment specialist.
“Creswell has been supportive of us and it’s important that we earn their trust,” Spencer said. “I would have a lot of trouble if the public wasn’t being served right.”
Tyler said that all warranties on tires purchased under the Tire Factory name will be honored and will remain the same under Point S. “It is seamless,” Tyler said.