Chronicle Blessings 2017


Thanksgiving week is already upon us. It’s amazing how time seems to fly by every year I get another year older!

Reflecting back over the past year, I’m thankful every day for my wonderful and supportive family who fills my life with joy and happiness.

As a grandfather, I’m always looking forward to spending time with my two grandsons, Wylder and Alder. They are so full of energy and curiosity that it’s always a joyful experience to spend a day or two with two little ones who really don’t have a care in the world. They just want to play with toys and discover new things.

I’m thankful and proud of my kids for the way they go about living their lives. My oldest daughter, Allison does a wonderful job being a mother to Wylder and Alder. My son Tanner is studying forestry at Oregon State University. His twin sister, Megan is just weeks away from completing her degree in finance from OSU. My youngest daughter, Kelsey, is a freshman at the University of Wyoming and she is loving the college experience and meeting many wonderful friends.

My wife, Jeanne is always supportive of my kids as well. She also loves spending time with the grandsons and supporting all of us, while maintaining her manager’s role with J.H. Baxter Company in Eugene. I’m thankful for all that she does, balancing family and her job, and that we are able to work through life’s challenges when they arise.

I’m also thankful to my work family at The Creswell Chronicle. As many of you have witnessed, there have been numerous changes at The Chronicle this past year. We’ve basically given newspaper a facelift, with numerous changes to the design and content of the newspaper. This has been a group effort with the additions of editor, Erin Tierney; advertising executive, Cheryl Richard; graphic designer, Pamela Palmer; and freelancer/sports reporter/copyeditor, Gini Davis. I’m truly thankful for everything they’ve brought to the table this past year as The Chronicle has grown tremendously in readership and support! Thanks to Cheryl’s vision, and Erin’s design skills, we were able to take on a new lifestyle magazine this past year, Emerald Valley Magazine, which premiered in the spring and the latest edition is inserted into this week’s Chronicle. It definitely has been an added bonus to the area, highlighting many of the people and businesses that make living in southern Lane County so wonderful!

So I would like to thank everyone who has supported The Chronicle this past year. We truly love what we do, providing information to our community. We would not be able to do this without the support of the community!

Thank you, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



When I sit and try to quantify my blessings, my eyes well with gratitude; no matter what I write, I’m only skimming the foam of what I’m thankful for. A life with an incomprehensible amount of blessings — how could I be so lucky?

It’s been over a year since I moved to Oregon, and I appreciate the definition and texture it’s given to my life. I am thankful for all I’ve experienced, all I’ve explored. I am thankful for growth in all aspects of my life — professionally, spiritually and mentally.

I am thankful for my boyfriend, Lance, who loves me unconditionally — enough to move cross country with me on a whim, to a place he never even visited before. Coming home to him and our parrotlet, Murphy, is my favorite part of the day, every day, hands down.

I am thankful for my family in Pennsylvania, whom I’ve missed in the deepest sense this year. Feeling the distance is a constant I am learning to live with, and I am thankful for my perseverance, for my good days. The Tierneys suffered a lot of heartache in 2017; I am thankful for their strength in muddling through mourning.

I am thankful for my work family — Scott, Cheryl, Gini and Pamela. We’re like peas in a pod in the office, and our pod always has great food to eat, philosophy to ponder and lots of laughs to be had. I am thankful for all we’ve built together, for The Chronicle, for Emerald Valley Magazine.

I am thankful for my integration into the Creswell community. I’ve connected with so many people this past year while on-the-job, and feel a genuine bond with most anyone I meet in town, and care genuinely for so many here. I am thankful to have earned the community’s trust. I am thankful to feel like I belong here — to have landed here in the first place.

I am thankful to be in Creswell, and for each smile and wave that comes my way in The Friendly City.

Blessings to you and yours in 2018 and beyond.



I am most thankful, as always, for my family – lights of my heart and life.

I feel blessed that my three grown children, Meghann, Jef and Breanna, are close to each other and to me, and are all loving, thoughtful, ethical, compassionate people. In the way they live their lives and the people they have become, they teach me something every day.

I am beyond overjoyed to have two bright, energetic grandbabies, Emmy, 5 and Bryson, 3. It gives me such peace to know they are happy, well cared for and very much loved, and I feel honored to play a small part in making that so.

I am grateful for Meghann’s husband, Austin and Breanna’s significant other, Pete. The positive ripple effect of their love and support of my daughters and grandbabies cannot be overestimated. I also value Jef’s group of longtime friends.

I am grateful for my warm, purring kitties, Lissie and Caroline; the companionship and support of good friends; and honor with gratitude family, friends and pets who have passed.

I am thankful for enjoyable, flexible work with talented colleagues at The Chronicle and as a college instructor. I am thankful I live in a place where so many people contribute their time, energy and resources to support our schools, families and community.

I am grateful for those “footprints in the sand,” for the opportunity every life experience offers for personal and spiritual growth, and for this holiday’s reminder to be ever mindful of these truths.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!



I am grateful that I finally get my dream to reside in Oregon. I am grateful to my husband, Doug, for coming along for the ride and that the friends I’ve met so far on my new journey are wonderful souls on this planet.

I am grateful for family; I am blessed to have one of the best! My three kids are powerhouses in their lives, their jobs and simply in life. I am grateful for my two darling grandchildren, Alex and Axle, who live with my oldest daughter, Ashley in Texas. I miss them horribly and wish Oregon was way closer to Texas.

I am grateful that I understand and have taught anyone who will listen that we create our lives with our thoughts, our deeds, our words and our gifts.

I am grateful for my clients. I love working with my clients at the paper and helping them grow their businesses and gain strength in their branding and business message through the media we put out. I am grateful for my coworkers; they rock! They are why our weekly paper is growing like crazy and helping to shape our local world.

Last by not least, I am thankful for my dogs. I love my sweet babies! They give us all such joy, each and every day. Now I just need to find a cat!

May you all have a special Thanksgiving, able to focus on the feeling and energy of gratitude.


I think that Buddha said it well: “Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us be thankful in all things.”