Happy Birthday
To Heather Jones Feb. 9
Tauschia Arneson Feb. 10
Pat Gering Feb. 13

To Charlie Lewis, 5, for learning how to ride a bike recently!

Word of the Day
Extremophile – noun ik-STREE-muh-fyle – An organism that lives under extreme environmental conditions (as in a hot spring or ice cap)

Quote of the Day
“Real love is when you get as much pleasure from giving pleasure as you do from receiving it.” – Paul Auster, author

Cobalt After School
Cobalt After School Program will be CLOSED on Tuesday, March 7 and Thursday, March 9

This Week in History
Feb. 9, 1946 – Stalin announces the new five-year plan for the Soviet Union, calling for production boosts of 50 percent.
Feb. 10, 1966 – Protester David Miller is convicted of burning his draft card.
Feb. 11, 1953 – Walt Disney’s film “Peter Pan” premieres.
Feb. 12, 1909 – The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is formed.
Feb. 13, 1923 – Charles “Chuck” Yeager, American test pilot, the first man to break the sound barrier, was born.
Feb. 14, 1859 – Oregon is admitted as the thirty-third state.
Feb. 15, 1974 – U.S. gas stations threaten to close because of federal fuel policies.

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