Admins step down amid texting scandal

By Erin Tierney – The Creswell Chronicle

The community was shocked last week to learn the two top administrators at Creswell High School were ridiculing students via text message, and shocked again when the principal and vice principal stepped down in the wake of the scandal.
Some people say everyone makes fun of others, that they should not have resigned based on personal text messages unintended for public eyes. Others say this sophomoric behavior is unfit for school administrators, calling them hypocrites for not practicing what they preach to students.
But as it goes, Creswell High School Principal Andy Bracco and Vice Principal/­Athletic Director Jordan Osborn resigned Friday as students protested outside their school.
Bracco, 45, and Osborn, 31, were placed on paid administrative leave following a text message conversation mocking two former female students — one for allegedly snorting cocaine, the other for being overweight. Both students transferred to Pleasant Hill and the one student’s father said his daughter left Creswell to escape bullying.
Parents and students at the protest told The Chronicle that bullying has been a problem in the schools for a while and generally begins in the middle school.

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