A SECOND CHAPTER OF LOVE: The love story of Sarah & Evan Lybarger

By Sarah Lybarger – Special to The Chronicle

My love story is a work in progress.
The first chapter began 20 years ago, when I married my first true love and moved to the sweet little town of Creswell. We welcomed a baby girl into our lives four years later. She completed us. Eighteen months later, I lost my husband and my daughter’s daddy to a terrible workplace accident.
It seemed like my love story was over, destroyed in an instant.
But God works in mysterious ways. A kind and tender family friend, and honorary uncle to my little girl, became so much more; we were married when my daughter was five years old. She couldn’t wait to call him “Daddy” and my broken heart began to heal.
Now, 10 years later, we have a nine year old son together and that lonely little five year old girl is now a lovely 16 year old lady, with another dad in her life who loves us both unconditionally.
I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the man who first completed me, but how blessed I am to be able to have a new best friend, sweet father to my children, and a second love of my life.